See your kitchen in a new light

Colour-changing, single colour or colour
temperature controllable LEDs

Easy to clean and energy-efficient
Give your kitchen the wow factor

Illuminated Splashbacks

If you want to have to have the wow factor in your kitchen, then create an eye-catching but functional feature in your house with an LED illuminated splashback. Our LED splashbacks are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms etc. They combine excellent task lighting with the ability to set the mood in your property.

Each LiteTile splashback is bespoke and made to order – as the splashbacks are handmade in our workshop we can modify the design to suit your requirements. The largest single splashback we can make is 3m by 1.5m and they are just 20mm deep and our standard finish comes with brushed stainless steel frames (which can be painted to match a colour scheme).

We can produce any design or concept you may have so please contact us to discuss your ideas with us.

A LiteTile splashback will add personality to your home and create an inviting and unique ambience in your kitchen.

LED Options You Can Have In Your Splashback:

Colour-Changing (RGB) LEDs

The LEDs in this splashback are colour-changing which give you the full colour palette together with static colours, but which can also be programmed with colour-changing scenes.

Colour/White LEDs

The LEDs in this splashback have 4 emiters – red, green, blue and white. The white is avaialble in 2700, 4000 and 6000 Kelvin. This offers the same colour options as above but with a crisper white.

White Only LEDs

The LEDs in this splashback are white-only and can range in colour temperature from 2400K to 8000K and can vary in brightness depending on requirements.

White Colour Control Temperature LEDs

The LEDs in this splashback contain alternate warm white and cool white LEDs which are controllable so you can vary the colour temperature from warm white to cool white and then on to daylight in a similar way as the colour-changing splashback is controlled.

WhiteSplashbackControlling Your LiteTile Splashback

We have various remote control or smart phone app options to control your splashback from wi-fi units, through to wall mounted touch screens (which have a programmable memory). Our splashbacks can also be linked up to home automation systems. Please contact us to discuss this in greater detail.

Personalise Your Splashback

Images and patterns can be added to our splashbacks, allowing you to create something truly unique in your home. Please contact us to discusss this in greater detail. 

YouTube Video

If you would like an idea of what our splashbacks look like in action, follow this link to a video sent to us by one of our clients

Don’t forget – you have complete control over the brightness of the splashback and speed at which the colours change.


There are 3 ways in which to install our LiteTile splashbacks:

1) If you are a competent person with regards to DIY, then you can install the splashback yourself. Installation instructions accompany the LiteTile and we are happy to talk you through the installation process.

2) Your kitchen installer can install the LiteTile for you and we are happy to talk that company through the installation process.

3) You can use our fully trained installation team


As each LiteTile splashback is built to order we do not have a price list. Just send us the dimensions of your splashback and we will send you a quote, together with a copy of our brochure.