People are now realising how easy it is to switch to having LED lighting in their properties and our online LiteShop gives you the opportunity to purchase a large selection of high quality LED light fittings which are not readily available on the high street.

You can purchase downlights (including IP and Fire rated lights), plaster in lights (ideal if you are renovating/building a property), flex tape, track lights, wall lights and exterior lights.

We also offer a Special Finishes service – have your LED light fittings complement your interior design with liquid metal finishes such as zinc, brass, copper, bronze and gold or with “soft feel” touches such as suede and leather.  We can also have RAL and BS paint colours applied to some of our LED light fittings. You can see some examples of the liquid metal finishes below, so please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

So visit our LiteShop to start making the change now and immediately start saving money as well as helping the planet.

Bronze, Bronze Black, Copper, Gold Finishes

Bronze, Bronze Black, Copper, Gold Finishes



If you are not very confident with a soldering iron or simply don’t have the time, why not make your life easier by using our LiteBuilder This bespoke service provides you with pre-made LED bars in order to make installation easier and faster for you.

We will pre-cut your selected extrusion and cover and then solder the LEDs with the correct wiring option and supply all this to you as a complete kit of parts ready for installation what could be easier?

Start building your kits using LiteBuilder here